Major functionality of Class5 Softswitch and Mobile Dialer

A VoIP dialer is software that uses the VoIP, the short form of voice over internet protocol, tomake outbound voice classes. People make more use of VoIP dialers than

Best VoIP Products like VoIP Mobile Dialer, Class 5 Softswitch, Multi-tenant-PBX in 2023.

VoIP Mobile Dialer : Teletalk Branded Android VoIP Mobile Dialer : Compatible with all Softswitch and IP PBXs.Teletalk offers custom VoIP Mobile Dialer. Android VoIP

QA Agile Product Life Cycle With Scrum

Most of the people are following agile process. I am sharing my thought process about what QA team is following to deliver best product. Every

Software Test Life Cycle in 2022

Software Testing life cycle has a order of activities to folllow but Companies are using thier own way of it. Every company want to deliver

What is Python and Python Functions.?

Python is open source, case sensitive language, support for other libraries, portable. Python is an interpreted (Python does not need to be compiled before it is


CLASS: Class is an abstract concept. It’s simply a template or blueprint of structural representation of attribute and actions. A class contains data and method

How to Record Script in Jmeter

Script recording is very useful in Jmeter. If you want to test application load and performance testing. You can record scenario in Jmeter for Web

Selenium configuration with Python in Eclipse & Login Script.

Download python as per your OS. Example: download python for windows Run exe You can customize your python install folder either installed on default directory.

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